World Ends With You gets better than the first game (and 5 things fans miss)

NEO: the world stops with you is the sequel to 2007 the world ends with you. The two games have a 14-year gap between them, making the sequel a long-awaited sequel for fans of the original.

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The sequel contains many callbacks to the original games, but manages to stand on its own by putting a twist on the original Reaper game that Neku Sakuraba experienced. It brings many quality-of-life changes, and the game has generally been well received. Although it’s a fantastic game, there are a few things that fans miss from the original game.

ten Improved: players operate in groups

Fret raises his arms and smiles

The players of the new Reaper’s Game work in groups. Originally, the players worked in pairs. This worked for the original game because it was about Neku slowly learning to open up to new people. However, fans couldn’t see any of Neku’s partners really connecting with each other. Conversations between Shiki, Beat, and Joshua were minimal. In a group, the new characters were allowed to interact with each other, focusing on friendships other than those made by Rindo. Each member of the team still had a chance to shine and have their own satisfying character arcs.

9 Missed: Original requires less button mashing

NEO: TWEWY Battle Loading Screen

The original game made full use of all the functions of the Nintendo DS through the use of different pins, which required various inputs via buttons, mic, and touchscreen. Although it was difficult for a player to split their attention between the two characters, it was rewarding.

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The sequel is available on an entirely different console, so gameplay changes had to be made. Each pin is associated with a specific button on the controller, but combat requires mashing multiple buttons at once. Many gamers have complained of feeling pain after grinding the game, which makes it harder to play for long periods of time.

8 Improved: visuals are superior

Shibuya in Neo The world ends with you

The art style is largely the same, but the visuals have improved over the original game’s pixelated sprites. Players feel more immersed in Shibuya since the buildings tower over them and appear to have multiple dimensions. Not only is the city beautiful to look at, but the character designs have also been improved. The shoes from the first game, which are often mocked by even the most dedicated fans, have been fixed to look like real shoes in the sequel. The rest of the outfits reflect the ever-changing sense of style that exists in the game’s version of Shibuya.

seven Missed: Shiki and Rhyme are barely in the game

The cast of TWEWY finally reunited

Shiki and Rhyme are barely in the suite. Both play a vital role towards the end of the game, but their appearances are kept to a minimum. Many fans feel that not making them playable was a missed opportunity.

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After all, Rhyme had been erased in the first week of the original game, and Shiki had looked like Eri for a long time. While fans were thrilled to see them, most wished they could take on a more active role the way Beat and Neku did.

6 Improved: there is more dubbing

Rindo and Fret panic

The sequel adds more cutscenes and voice acting, both of which are spectacular. Not only does the game bring back the characters from the first game, but fans can hear them conversing with each other in extended scenes, which was rare in the original game. The addition of these voiceovers brings more emotion to the game’s more comedic and tragic scenes, and fans can hear the Wicked Twisters characters interact with each other during battles. Although not all scenes are voiced, the most crucial ones are.

5 Missed: some songs from the first game were omitted

Sayoko in the record store

the world ends with you is famous for having a lot of catchy songs, so many people were sad to see that some songs didn’t make it into the sequel. Already seen and Give me all your love are some of the fandom’s favorite songs in gaming, and many have argued that the former would have been extremely appropriate in a game about time travel. While it’s important for a sequel to break away from its predecessor, which this one tries to do by adding many songs that have the same quality as the original, it didn’t seem right that only some of the original songs have been added or remixed. .

4 Improved: Feed mechanism requires less grinding

The Wicked Twisters get ready to eat

In the original game, Neku and his partner could only eat a certain amount of food per day. Each meal had a specific number of bytes, which could only be erased by fighting. If a character ate 10 bytes, they had to fight 10 battles to digest the food and gain the accompanying stat buffs. The sequel makes this process less tedious, as fullness is now represented by a bar that depletes by fighting battles, and more food can be eaten until the bar is full or overflowing. Stat bonuses are even granted immediately.

3 Missed: Not all character arcs land in the sequel

Susukichi prepares to fight the evil tornadoes

Unfortunately, not all character arcs accomplish what was intended. This is the case with many reapers, who have been portrayed as sympathetic, with a soft side – despite the taunting and tormented players who have been forced into a game of life or death. Either they hadn’t had enough time to develop, or they had done more harm than good. Even some of the players in the rival groups were hard to feel sympathy for, due to their eagerness to stab other teams in the back.

2 Improved: Traders are much nicer

Rintaro Nakagawa in NEO The World Ends With You

In both games, doing a certain number of errands can make shopkeepers like the protagonist. However, the traders in the original games are downright rude. Neku reads their thoughts, so he can hear them longing for him to leave, or making sarcastic remarks that make a player wonder if giving them money is a good idea. Fans have said how much they like the new traders because they have unique designs and are much friendlier.

1 Missed: the original wasn’t as repetitive

Rindo time travel

Whenever Rindo and his teammates encounter a tragedy, Rindo is able to use his power to time travel once per day. Being able to go back and fix those mistakes gives a sense of invulnerability, as Rindo is able to undo most of the mistakes that were made. Although there are consequences which are revealed later in the game, the player spends most of the game feeling like most things have no consequences. Going back in time also makes the days longer. Rindo makes a few changes to the past, but the player finds himself reading the same lines multiple times.

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