Yeezys: Man burns Yeezys worth Rs 12 lakh to protest rapper Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks

Popular American rapper, Kanye West, seems to be the most hated celebrity on the planet right now. The “Gold Digger” singer recently kicked the hornet’s nest after he was spotted wearing a shirt that read “White Lives Matter” on it. The phrase was popularized by white supremacist groups in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

It doesn’t stop there, the singer has also angered fans with his anti-Semitic remarks over the past few weeks. Following his comments, several brands had removed West from endorsement deals.

Now, a new video has surfaced on the internet showing a man burning Yeezy shoes which is a collaboration between the record producer and the Adidas brand. The new video appears to come just as the high-end sportswear brand announced it was ending its partnership with West. Moreover, the partnership between the two parties is worth 1.3 billion dollars according to Forbes.

Sneaker brand Nice Kicks shared a video where a pair of Yeezy shoes were set on fire. According to the post, a Florida resident set fire to Yeezy shoes to protest the rapper’s anti-Semitic remarks.

According to a report on NBC Miami, the man has been identified as Danny Shiff. Shiff burned two pairs of Yeezys worth US$15,000 (about Rs 12.36 lakh) in protest.

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As a result of his comments, West’s documentary about himself was shelved and he was dropped by his talent agency, brands including Balenciaga and JP Morgan.

Earlier this month, West took to his Twitter account and shared a message that read, “Going death con 3 On Jewish People.” The singer later said he was not anti-Semitic because, according to him, black people were also Jews.

West in a later tweet said he was targeted at his booth. “You played with me and tried to test anyone who opposes your agenda,” West tweeted. The singer also accused record producer Sean “Diddy” Combs of being controlled by the “Jewish people” in an Instagram post.

Following his comments, the rapper was restricted on Twitter and Instagram.

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